NCERA57: Swine Reproductive Physiology

(Multistate Research Coordinating Committee and Information Exchange Group)

Status: Active

SAES-422 Reports



Basic Science and Technology

  1. Gruhot, T.R., Rempel, L.A., White, B.R., Mote, B.E. 2020. The effect of varicocele on semen quality in boars exposed to heat stress. Translational Animal Science. 4(1):1-6.
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Boar Performance

  1. Feugang JM, Rhoads CE, Mustapha PO, Tardif S, Parrish JJ, Willard ST, Ryan PL. 2019. Treatment of boar sperm with nanoparticles for improved fertility. Theriogenology 137:75-81.
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Genetics and Genomics

  1. Wijesena, H.R., Rohrer, G.A., Nonneman, D.J., Keel, B.N., Petersen, J.L., Kachman, S.D., Ciobanu, D.C. 2019. Evaluation of genotype quality parameters for SowPro90, a novel genotyping platform for swine. Journal of Animal Science. 97(8):3262-3273.
  2. Lents, C.A., Lindo, A.N., Hileman, S.M., Nonneman, D.J. 2020. Physiological and genomic insight into neuroendocrine regulation of puberty in gilts. Domest Anim Endocrinol. 11:106446. doi: 10.1016/j.domaniend.2020.106446.

Sow and Gilt Performance

  1. Harlow, K., Ferreira, C.R., Sobreira, T.J.P., Casey, T. and K.R. Stewart.   Lipidome profiles of postnatal day 2 vaginal swabs reflect fat composition of gilt’s postnatal diet. PLoS ONE 14(9): e0215186.
  2. Harlow, K., Suarez-Trujillo, A., Hedrick, V., Sobreira, T.J.P., Aryal, U.K., Stewart, K.R. and T. Casey. Temporal analysis of vaginal proteome reveals developmental changes in lower reproductive tract of gilts across the first two weeks of postnatal.  Sci Rep. 2019 Sep 13;9(1):13241. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-49597-w. 
  3. Leonard, S.M., Xin, H., Brown-Brandl, T.M., Ramirez, B.C., Dutta, S., Rohrer, G.A. 2020. Effects of farrowing stall layout and number of heat lamps on sow and piglet production performance. Animals. 10:348.
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  5. Bidne KL, Romoser MR, Ross JW, Baumgard LH, Keating AF. 2019. Heat stress during the luteal phase decreases luteal size but does not affect circulating progesterone in gilts1. J Anim Sci. 97:4314-4322. doi: 1093/jas/skz251.
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Teaching and Extension

  1. Boyd, R., Zier-Rush, C., Moeser, A., Culbertson, M., Stewart, K., Rosero, D., & Patience, J. 2019. Review: Innovation through research in the North American pork industry. Animal, 13(12), 2951-2966. doi:10.1017/S1751731119001915


Abstracts/Posters/Professional Presentations

  1. Adur, M.K., Romoser, M.R., Bidne, K.L., Schultz, R.B., Keating, A.F., Baumgard, L.H., Ross, J.W. 2019 Proteomic assessment of the intra-uterine secretome during the peri- implantation phase to understand effects of increased ambient temperature on the porcine heat stress 52nd Annual Meeting Society for the Study of Reproduction, San Jose, CA. July 18-21.
  2. Corredor, F.A., Sanglard, L.P., Ross, J.W., Keating, A.F., Serao, N.L. 2019. Phenotypic and genomic relationships between vulva score and reproductive performance in first- parity sows. American Society of Animal Science Midwest Section Meeting. Omaha, March 11-13.
  3. Desaulniers, A., Cederberg, R., Knox, R., Lents, C.A., White, B. 2019. Use of genetic engineering to elucidate reproductive physiology of the boar. In: Missouri Physiological Society 2019 Annual Meeting Abstracts, 26Oct2019, Columbia, MO. pp. 6.
  4. Doungkamchan K, Parrish JJ, Miller DJ. 2020. Proteomic identification of molecular pathways and biomarkers related to porcine seasonal heat-induced infertility in males. 53rd Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Reproduction.
  5. Ebrecht, M.A., Ross, C.E., Cederberg, R.A., Lovercamp, K.W., Desaulniers, A.T., White, B.R. 2019. Effects of GnRH-II on spermatogenic function of swine. Proceedings of the 16th Annual Gilbert S. Greenwald Symposium on Reproduction and Perinatal Research. p. 44.
  6. Kerns K, Sharif M, Zigo M, Miller DJ, Sutovsky P. 2019. Sperm capacitation-induced zinc efflux is necessary for increased proteasomal activity and release from oviduct glycans of the sperm reservoir. 52th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Reproduction.
  7. Kiefer, Z.E., Chipman, A.L., Studer, J., Johnson, C., Rademacher, C.J., Linhares, D.C.L., Ross, J.W. 2019. Update on Prolapses and Pig Survivability Initiative. James D. McKean Swine Disease Conference. Ames, Iowa. November 7-8.
  8. Kiefer, Z.E., Chipman, A.L., Studer, J.M., Koester, L.R., Showman, L., Keating, A.F., Schmitz-Esser, , Ross, J.W. 2019. Identification of putative factors associated with pelvic organ prolapse in sows during late gestation. 52nd Annual Meeting Society for the Study of Reproduction, San Jose, CA. July 18-21.
  9. Knox RV, Belstra BA, Willenburg KL, D Gómez-López DH, and Stewart KR.   Effects of number of sperm and site of uterine semen deposition on conception rate and number of embryos in weaned sows receiving a single fixed time insemination. IXth International Conference on Boar Semen Preservation. Sydney, Australia
  10. Mills, K., U.K. Aryal, T. Sobreira, A.M. Minton, T. Casey, K.R. Stewart. 2020. Shotgun proteomics reveal seminal plasma proteomes are reflective of boar reproductive performance. 2020 Midwest ASAS.
  11. Park, S.B., Gruhot, T.R., Liao, S.F., Rude, B.J., Mote, B.E., Feugang, J.M. 2019. Favorable seminal plasma environment to sperm fertility after L-arginine addition to boar diet. 42nd International Conference of Boar Semen Preservation (ICBSP), Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.
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  15. Schultz, R.B., Bidne, K.L., Romoser, M.R., Adur, M.K., Baumgard, L.H., Keating A.F., Ross, J.W. 2019. Effect of heat stress on the corpus luteum proteome during early pregnancy establishment in pigs. 52nd Annual Meeting Society for the Study of Reproduction, San Jose, CA. July 18-21.
  16. Sharp, K., Mills, K., Garcia, R., K.R. Stewart.   Impacts of various farrowing induction protocols in attended farrowings.  Midwest ASAS, Omaha, NE.
  17. Shirley, L.K., L.K. Shirley, M. Burgett,A.P. Schinckel, T. Field, R. Garcia, J.S. Johnson, K.R. Stewart, R.M. Stwalley. Evaluations of cooling pads on late lactation sows.  Midwest ASAS, Omaha, NE.
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