WERA1010: Improving Data Quality from Sample Surveys to foster Agricultural and Community Development in Rural America

(Multistate Research Coordinating Committee and Information Exchange Group)

Status: Active

SAES-422 Reports


Qin, H., E. Bent, C. Brock, Y. Dguidegue, E. Achuff, M. Hatcher, and O. Ojewola. 2018. Fifteen years after the Bellingham ISSRM: An empirical evaluation of Frederick Buttel’s differentiating criteria for environmental and resource sociology. Rural Sociology 83(1): 6–23.

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Brock, Caroline, Jessica D. Ulrich-Schad, and Linda S. Prokopy.  2018. " Bridging the Divide: Challenges and Opportunities for Public Sector Agricultural Professionals Working with Amish and Mennonite Producers on Conservation." Environmental Management.  61(5): 756-771.


Ulrich-Schad, Jessica D. and Cynthia M. Duncan.  2018.  “People and Places Left Behind: Work, Culture and Politics in the Rural United States.”  Special Issue on Emancipatory Rural Politics in The Journal of Peasant Studies 45(1):  59-79.


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Smyth, J. D., Israel, G. D., Newberry, III, M. G., & Hull, R. G. 2019. Effects of Stem and Response Order on Response Patterns in Satisfaction Rating. Field Methods, 31.

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