NE1720: Multi-state Coordinated Evaluation of Winegrape Cultivars and Clones

(Multistate Research Project)

Status: Active

SAES-422 Reports




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Bradshaw, T. UVM Fruit Website ( Outreach website for tree fruit and viticulture-related horticultural and IPM information for commercial growers. Affiliated blog archives 12 email postings made to grape producer listserv (275 subscribers) during reporting period.

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Scientific and Outreach Oral Presentations (relative to NE 1720 activities):

Caspari, H. 2/22/2021: Retraining vines after cold injury. Webinar.

Clark, M. 2021. Panelist: Future Grape Cultivars for Eastern North America. ASEV-ES Virtual Conference.

Clark, N. and S. Kohl. 7/24/2021. Home Winemaking Workshop.  Riley County Fair.  Manhattan, KS. 8 Attendees.

Fennell, A. 2021. Cold climate cultivars for upper Midwest. Fermentation, Brewing and Spirits class.

Fennell, A. 6/26/2021. Field tour of grape genetics.  Brookings Area Master Gardeners Tours.

Fennell, A. 9/13/2021. Cold climate cultivars fruit characteristics.  Local Foods Education Center, Brookings SD. 

Fitch-Deitz, C. and S. Kohl. 11/9/2021. NE1720 Annual Conference host. 25 Attendees.

Fitch-Deitz, C. 2/8/2021. Pruning Workshop.  Dover, KS. 13 Attendees.

Fitch-Deitz, C, N. Clark, and S. Kohl. 7/27/2021. Viticulture and Enology Field Day.  Wamego, KS.  28 Attendees.

Kadium, V., A. Svyantek, J. Stenger, S. Bogenrief, C. Auwarter, and H. Hatterman-Valenti. 2020. Diallel populations representing NDSU-GGEP. Proc. North Dakota Acad. Sci. 74:44.

Kohl, S.  4/26/2021. Grapes and Wine in Kansas.  Kansas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Wamego, KS. 48 Attendees.

Kohl, S.  Winemaking in Kansas. 6/10/2021. Lawrence Brewing Guild Quarterly Meeting.  Lawrence, KS. 34 Attendees.

Kohl, S.  7/30/2021. Building an On-Ground V&E Program from Scratch.  Zoom with Pellissippi State Community College and Tennessee industry representatives. 5 Attendees.

Kohl, S. 9/3/2021. Emcee, Kansas Grape Stomp.  Kansas State Fair.  Hutchinson, KS. 80 Attendees.

Martinson, T. July 25, 2013. Testing Loose-clustered Vignoles clones. (Presenter Only) Lake Erie Regional Grape Program Summer Conference, Cornell University and Penn State University, Portland, NY.

Moreira, L., Z. Vickers, E. Treiber, A. Andresen, M. Clark, and A. Hegeman. 8/7/2021. A procedure to investigated flavor in large grape samples. ASHS Conference. Denver, CO.

Nasrollahiazar, E. 3/23/2021. Michigan Statewide Grape Spring Kickoff. Webinar.

Nonnecke, G. 8/11/2021. Field day and Workshop – Topics: grape production and berry analysis used for harvest determination of cold-climate cultivars.  Iowa State University, Horticulture Station, Ames, IA.  25 Attendees.

Nonnecke, G. 8/3/2021. Field day and Workshop – USDA, Iowa Farm Service Agency Loss Adjuster Training. Topics: grapevine biology, production, and management of Iowa vineyards.  Iowa State University, Horticulture Station, Ames, IA. 12 Attendees.

Petit, E. 1/13/2021 - Over zoom - Massachusetts Fruit Growers Association Annual Meeting 2021: "Through the grapevine in Massachusetts in 2020: updates and new research" -  about 100 attendees

Petit, E. 4/13/2021 - Over zoom - Fruit Twilight Meeting – “April updates on viticulture in MA” – about 100 attendees

Petit, E. 5/6/2021 - Over zoom - Fruit Twilight Meeting - “May updates on viticulture in MA” – about 100 attendees

Petit, E. 7/14/2021 - In person at Clarkdale Fruit Farms - Massachusetts Fruit Growers Association – “Midyear updates on field trials on grapes” – about 100 attendees

Petit, E. 7/22/2021- In person at Cold Spring Orchard - Summer Scholars Field Trip - “Trial on disease resistance in the NE1720 plot” – about 50 attendees

Petit, E. 1/30/2021 - Over zoom - MassAggie pruning workshop 2021 – about 90 attendees

Read, P. 1/25/2021. New UNVP Research Results. Nebraska Winery and Grape Growers Association Annual Conference.

Read, P. 3/15/2021. University of Nebraska Viticulture Program Progress Report. Nebraska Grape and Wine Board (Nebraska Department of Agriculture).

Read, P. 5/14-15/2021. The University of Nebraska Viticulture Program. NWGGA’s “Toast Nebraska” public wine showcase event.

Read, P. 7/19/2021. Viticulture Field Day. Topics: trellising, insect management and vineyard floor management for newly adopted cultivars.

Read, P. 9/29/2021. Nebraska: the Next Napa Valley?. Northeast Lincoln Kiwanis Club.

Read, P. 10/29/2021. Wines 101. University of Nebraska Alumni Women’s Leadership Group. 60 Attendees.

Read, P. 11/5/2021. Nebraska’s Burgeoning Grape and Wine Industry. University of Nebraska LEAD 39 Class of young developing agricultural leaders.

Svyantek, A. and H. Hatterman-Valenti. 7/29/2020.  Observations on inheritance of lacinate leaves in hybrid grapevine populations derived from ‘Chasselas Cioutat’. American Society of Enology and Viticulture and American Society of Enology and Viticulture Eastern Section Virtual Conference.

Volenberg, D. 2021. Grape IPM Reports.

Ward, D. 2021. Grape growers and educators in the viticulture industry attended a symposium where they learned of the Grapevine Pinot Gris Virus (GPGV). Over 100 attendees.

Wise, A. 2020. Performance of Selections in the Long Island Wine Grape Variety Trial. Presentation slides online.

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