OLD_SERA41: Beef Cattle Production Utilizing Forages in the Southeast to Integrate Research and Extension Programs across State Boundaries: Development

(Multistate Research Coordinating Committee and Information Exchange Group)

Status: Inactive/Terminating

SAES-422 Reports


2015 SERA41 Symposium – Design, Analysis, and Execution of Quality Grazing Research

  • Aiken, G.E. 2016. Invited Review: Grazing Management options in meeting objectives of grazing experiments. Prof. Anim. Sci. 32:1-9.
  • Rouquette, F.M. 2016. Invited Review: The roles of forage management, forage quality, and forage allowance in grazing research. Prof. Anim. Sci. 32:10-18.
  • Reuter, R.R. and C.A. Moffet. 2016. Invited Review: Designing a grazing experiment that can reliably detect meaningful differences. Prof. Anim. Sci. 32:19-30.
  • Gunter, S.A. and N.A. Cole. 2016. Invited Review: Getting more information from your grazing research beyond cattle performance. Prof. Anim. Sci. 32:31-41.

 2015 SERA41 Kunkle Interdisciplinary Beef Symposium

  • Scaglia, G., P. Beck, M.H. Poore, and J. Lehmkuhler. 2015. Bill E Kunkle Interdisciplinary Beef Symposium: Tall fescue toxicosis update. J. Anim. Sci. 93:5485-5486.
  • Kallenbach, R.L. 2015. Bill E Kunkle Interdisciplinary Beef Symposium: Coping with tall fescue toxicosis: Solutions and realities. J. Anim. Sci. 93:5487-5495.
  • Gadberry, M.S., J. Hawley, P.A. Beck, J.A. Jennings, E.B. Kegley, and K.P. Coffey. 2015. Bill E Kunkle Interdisciplinary Beef Symposium: A meta-analysis of research efforts aimed at reducing the impact of fescue toxicosis on cattle weight gain and feed intake. J. Anim. Sci. 93: 5496-5505.
  • Smith, T. and J.P. Cassady. 2015. Bill E Kunkle Interdisciplinary Beef Symposium: Genetic resistance to the effects of grazing endophyte-infected tall fescue. J. Anim. Sci. 93:5506-5511.
  • Klotz, J.L. 2015. Bill E Kunkle Interdisciplinary Beef Symposium: Physiologic effects of ergot alkaloids: What happens when excretion does not equal consumption? J. Anim. Sci. 93:5512-5521.
  • Pratt, S.L. and J.G. Andrae. 2015. Bill E Kunkle Interdisciplinary Beef Symposium: Does tall fescue toxicosis negatively impact bull growth and breeding potential? J. Anim. Sci. 93:5522-5528.

Forte, E. M., M. K. Mullenix, R. L. Stewart Jr., and B. B. Karisch. 2016. Beef cattle programming across state lines: The 7th Annual Deep South Stocker Conference. Abstracts. 2016 American Society of Animal Science Southern Section Meeting. Feb. 6 – 9, 2016. San Antonio, TX.


Mullenix, M.K, J.D. Rhinehart, J.M.B. Vendramini, M.S. Gadberry.  2018.  SAS Southern Section Regional Webinar Series for Extension Agent Training.  J. of Anim. Sci. 96 Suppl 1: 8-9.


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