NC1023: Engineering for food safety and quality

(Multistate Research Project)

Status: Active

SAES-422 Reports


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NC1023 List of Publications 2016-2017

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A complete list of research publications from NC-1023 members is available upon request (Total over 50). Here, we highlight publications that resulted from collaborative activities between members.

  1. Krishna Kumar, P., Bhunia, K., Tang, J., Rasco, B. A., Takhar, P. S., & Sablani, S. S. (2018). Thermal transition and thermo-physical properties of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) var. Russet brown. Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization, 12(3), 1572-1580.
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  7. Xu, J., Liu, S., Tang, J., Ozturk, S., Kong, F. and Shah, D.H., 2018. Application of freeze-dried Enterococcus faecium NRRL B-2354 in radio-frequency pasteurization of wheat flour. LWT, 90, pp.124-131

Conference presentations

  1. Tan J, Kong F, Hartel R, Martini S, Barbosa-Canovas GV, Vardhanabhuti B, Bornhorst G, Joyner HS. 2018. Inter- and Intra-Lab Factors in Characterization of Salad Dressing Rheological Properties. Poster Presentation. Conference of Food Engineering. Madison, WI. September 10-12.
  2. Tan J, Joyner HS. 2018. Modeling the Effect of Solid Fat Type and Crystallization Conditions on the Wear Behaviors of Solid Fats. Oral Presentation. Society of Rheology 90th Annual Meeting. Houston, TX. October 10-14.
  3. Linran Wang, Lee Cadesky, Mukund Karwe and Carmen I. Moraru. 2018. High pressure structure engineering of high concentration milk protein systems. Conference of Food Engineering. Minneapolis, MN, September 2018 (invited presentation)
  4. haun Sim, Linran Wang, Lee Cadesky, Mukund V. Karwe, and Carmen I. Moraru. 2018. High pressure structure engineering of high concentration food protein systems. IUFoST Congress, Mumbai, India, October 2018 (poster presentation)
  5. Kumar, PK., Bhunia, K., Tang, J., Rasco, B., Takhar, PS., Sablani, SS. 2018. Understanding Ice Recrystallization During Frozen Storage and Its Influence on Mechanical Properties of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) var. Russet Brown, Institute of Food Technologists, Chicago, IL July 15-18
  6. Beck, J.V., Mishra, D.K., Dolan, K.D. Utilization of generalized transient heat conduction solutions in parameter estimation.  9th International Conference on Inverse Problems in Engineering. Waterloo, Canada.  05T, May 24th.

Collaborative grants

While individual members of the project have been awarded several competitive grants in 2017-2018, in this section we highlight new and ongoing research and education grants awarded to collaborative projects between member stations.

  1. USDA-HEC, $750,000, Enhancing Learning Outcomes in Food Engineering and Processing Courses for Non-Engineers Using Student-Centered Approaches, an education grant between six participating NC-0123 members (Maine, Iowa, Idaho, Virginia, Kentucky, Wisconsin stations), recommended for funding
  2. USDA-NIFA, 2018-70020-28860, Infotoons and videos as delivery tools for food safety training (Maine and New Mexico stations)
  3. NSF-STTR Phase I (ends 2018). A Device for Rapid Estimation of Temperature Dependent Thermal Properties for Food Processing Systems (Michigan and Indiana Stations)
  4. USDA NIFA, award number 2015-68003-23415. $4.7 million. Enhancing Low-Moisture Food Safety by Improving Development and Implementation of Pasteurization Technologies (Michigan, Washington, Nebraska, Georgia stations).


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