NCERA210: Improving the management and effectiveness of cooperatively owned business organizations

(Multistate Research Coordinating Committee and Information Exchange Group)

Status: Active

Participant List

Participant Name Is Head Contact Info
Elliott, Matthew S
Yes South Dakota - South Dakota State University

Knudson, William
Michigan - Michigan State University

Briggeman, Brian
Yes Kansas - Kansas State University
Ag Econ
Schmit, Todd M
New York -Ithaca : Cornell University
Applied Economics and Management
Plakias, Zoe
Ohio - Ohio State University

Jacobs, Keri L
Yes Iowa - Iowa State University
Boland, Michael A
Yes Minnesota - University of Minnesota

McKee, Gregory J.
Yes Nebraska - University of Nebraska
Agribusiness and Applied Economics
Park, John
Yes Texas AgriLife Research
Agricultural Economics
Bhuyan, Sanjib
Yes New Jersey - Rutgers University
Agriculture, Food, and Resource Economics
Zivkovic, Sanja
Texas Tech University
Agricultural and applied economics
Cook, Michael L.
Missouri - University of Missouri
Ag Economics
Kenkel, Philip
Yes Oklahoma - Oklahoma State University
Agricultural Economics
White, James
Yes University of Wisconsin - River Falls

Hueth, Brent
Wisconsin - University of Wisconsin

Severson, Roberta
New York -Ithaca : Cornell University

Secor, William
Yes Georgia - University of Georgia

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