NCCC65: Indicators of Social Change in the Marketplace: Producers, Retailers and Consumers

(Multistate Research Coordinating Committee and Information Exchange Group)

Status: Active

Participant List

Participant Name Is Head Contact Info
Jasper, Cynthia R
Yes Wisconsin - University of Wisconsin
Consumer Science
Wesley, Scarlett C
Kentucky - University of Kentucky

Zimbroff, Andrew
Yes Nebraska - University of Nebraska

Hegland, Jane E
South Dakota - South Dakota State University

Karpova, Elena
Yes Iowa - Iowa State University

Wu, Juanjuan
Yes Minnesota - University of Minnesota

Lee, Juyoung
Mississippi - Mississippi State University

Diddi, Sonali
Yes Colorado - Colorado State University

Chi, Ting
Yes Washington - Washington State University

LeHew, Melody
Yes Kansas - Kansas State University
Apparel Textiles & Interior
Apple, Laurie
Yes University of Arkansas

Jestratijevic, Iva
Ohio State University

Das, Debanjan
Yes West Virginia - West Virginia University

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