NC1190: Catalysts for Water Resources Protection and Restoration: Applied Social Science Research

(Multistate Research Project)

Status: Active

Participant List

Participant Name Is Head Contact Info
Floress, Kristin M
Yes USDA Forest Service

Brehm, Joan
Yes Illinois State University

Babin, Nicholas
Yes : Station not found
Onal, Hayri
Illinois - University of Illinois

Hoag, Dana L
Yes Colorado - Colorado State University

Knutson, Cody L
Nebraska - University of Nebraska

Burbach, Mark E
Yes Nebraska - University of Nebraska

Rissman, Adena
Wisconsin - University of Wisconsin

Davenport, Mae
Yes Minnesota - University of Minnesota

Prokopy, Linda S
Yes Indiana - Purdue University

Kaufman, Eric K
Yes Virginia Cooperative Extension
Agricultural and Extension Education
Brasier, Kathryn J
Yes Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania State

Arbuckle, Jr., J. Gordon
Yes Iowa - Iowa State University
Morton, Lois Wright
Iowa - Iowa State University
Margerum, Rich
Yes University of Oregon

Gasteyer, Stephen
Yes Michigan - Michigan State University

Yuill, Charles
Yes West Virginia - West Virginia University

Cossman, Ronald
Mississippi - Mississippi State University

Wardropper, Chloe
Idaho - University of Idaho

Gramig, Ben M
Yes Illinois - University of Illinois

Wallander, Steven
Economic Research Service (ERS)

Guo, Yanting
Ohio State University

Jackson-Smith, Douglas
Yes Ohio - Ohio State University

Kumar Chaudhary, Anil
Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania State

Stephenson, Kurt
Yes Virginia - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VA Tech)
Sanderson, Matthew
Yes Kansas - Kansas State University
Department of Sociology, Anthropology
Genskow, Kenneth
Yes University of Wisconsin-Madison

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