NE1544: Dairy Production systems: C,N, and P management for production, profitability and the environment.

(Multistate Research Project)

Status: Active

Participant List

Participant Name Is Head Contact Info
Westendorf, Michael
Yes New Jersey - Rutgers University
Animal Sciences
Rotz, C Alan

Harrison, Joe
Yes Washington - Washington State University
Dept of Animal Sciences, WWREC
Combs, David
Wisconsin - University of Wisconsin
Dairy Science
Wattiaux, Michel A.
Wisconsin - University of Wisconsin

Herbert, Stephen J.
Yes Massachusetts - University of Massachusetts
Center for Agriculture
Miller, Rhonda
Yes Utah - Utah State University
Ag. Systems Tech. & Edu. Dept.
Rude, Brian J
Mississippi - Mississippi State University
Animal & Dairy Sciences
Mohammed, Hussni
New York -Ithaca : Cornell University

Moreira, Vinicius
Yes Louisiana - Louisiana State University
Southeast Research Station
985 839-2322
Westra, John V
Louisiana - Louisiana State University
Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
Toor, Gurpal
Yes Maryland - University of Maryland

Jones, Gerrad
Yes Oregon - Oregon State University

Fragomeni, Breno
Connecticut -Storrs

Rowntree, Jason
Yes Michigan - Michigan State University

Hopkins, Francesca
California -Riverside : University of California, Riverside

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