NE161: Association of Fertility with Temporal Changes in Ovarian Function of Domestic Ruminants

(Multistate Research Project)

Status: Inactive/Terminating

Participant List

Participant Name Is Head Contact Info
Duby, R.
Massachusetts - University of Massachusetts
Veterinary & Animal Science
Inskeep, E Keith
West Virginia - West Virginia University
Division of Animal & Vet Sciences
Griel Jr., Lester
Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania State
Veterinary and Biomedical Science
Milvae, Robert
Connecticut -Storrs
Animal Science
Townson, David
New Hampshire - University of New Hampshire

Tsang, Paul
New Hampshire - University of New Hampshire
Molecular, Cellular and Biomedical Sciences
Weber, J. A.
Maine - University of Maine
Animal & Veterinary Sciences
Pate, Joy L.
Yes Ohio - Ohio State University
Animal Sciences
Butler, W. Ronald
New York -Ithaca : Cornell University
Animal Science
Fortune, Joanne
New York -Ithaca : Cornell University
Biomedical Sciences, Coll. of Vet. Medicine
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