Meeting Authorization

Meeting Information

  • Project No. and Title: NC1100 - Land Grant University Innovation Diffusion Enhancement
  • Dates: 06/01/2018 to 06/01/2018
  • Contacts: [John Mann]

This authorizes the annual meeting: .
The meeting will be held on 06/01/2018 at Via Zoom: :

Admin Advisor: Patrick Cudney (

Additional Info

Here are the details:

It will occur virtually, via Zoom:

Our tentative agenda:

1. Update on Innovations in Agriculture and Rural Development

a. Matching faculty, rural firms, and encouraging SBIR applications

b. Gaps in University Technology transfer offices relating specifically to ag innovations

c. Recruiting new faculty for participation

2. NSF Research Coordination Network grant proposal

a. Feedback from reviewers

b. Revision/resubmission plan

3. Discuss white paper on future of ag innovations

a. Platform for next generation NC-1100 project

b. Develop concept for journal article

4. Recruiting new NC-1100 participation

Tentative Participants includes:

· John Mann, MSU

· Scott Loveridge, MSU

· Martin Kenney, UC Davis

· Mike Ladisch, Purdue

· CY Wang, SDSU

The meeting will be recorded and I will provide minutes about a week after the meeting occurred.
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