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NC_temp170 Personal Protective Technologies for Current and Emerging Occupational and Environmental Hazards Bye, Elizabeth Under Review View
NC_temp1198 Enhancing the Resilience of Agriculture and Food of the Middle: Building for the Future Nganje, William Submitted As Final View
W_TEMP_5001 Rural Population Change and Adaptation in the Context of Health, Economic, and Environmental Shocks and Stressors McCracken, Vicki A. Draft Project View
NE_TEMP2249 Sustainable and Inclusive Rural Economic Development to Enhance Housing, Health, Entrepreneurship, and Equity Brennan, Margaret Under Review View
NE_TEMP2231 Collaborative Potato Breeding and Variety Development Activities to Enhance Farm Sustainability in the Eastern US Hutton, Mark Draft Project View
NE_TEMP2251 Tourism Resilience and Community Sustainability: Adaptation and Recovery of Rural Businesses and Destinations Wilson, Matthew E Under Review View
NECC_TEMP2202 Formal Structure for the Minor Use Animal Drug Program , Draft Project View
18904 Soil, Plant, Manure and Water Analysis and, Method Development and Interpretations , Draft View
NE_TEMP2248 Mastitis Resistance to Enhance Dairy Food Safety Venkitanarayanan, Kumar Draft Project View
NCERA_temp103 Specialized Soil Amendments and Products, Growth Stimulants and Soil Fertility Management Programs Rosen, Carl Submitted As Final View
W_TEMP_1197 Advancing Aquatic Food Product Sustainability: Improving Quality, Utilization and Safety Talbott, John R Draft Project View
WDC_WERA_TEMP_20 Management of Diseases Caused by Systemic Pathogens in Temperate and Sub-Tropical Fruit Crops and Woody Ornamentals Rayapati, Naidu Draft Project View
W_TEMP_5122 Beneficial and Adverse Effects of Natural Chemicals on Human Health and Food Safety Pritsos, Chris A Draft Project View
18912 Southern Region Information Exchange Group for IPM , Draft View
18913 Southern Region Information Exchange Group for IPM , Draft View
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