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18607 Economics and Management of Risk in Agriculture and Natural Resources , Draft View
WDC44 Western Federal Lands Issues Pritsos, Chris A Draft Project View
NECC_TEMP1901 Integrating Genomics and Breeding for Improved Aquaculture Production of Molluscan Shellfish , Under Review View
W_TEMP4190 Management and Policy Challenges in a Water-Scarce World Humiston, Glenda Under Review View
W_TEMP3006 Multistate Agricultural Literacy Research Warnick, Brian Draft Project View
W_TEMP4004 Marketing, Trade, and Management of Aquaculture and Fishery Resources , Under Review View
WERA_TEMP77 Managing Invasive Weeds in Wheat Hulbert, Scot H Submitted As Final View
WCC_TEMP1003 Coordination of Western Regional Extension Forestry Activities Reed, Scott Submitted As Final View
NE_TEMP1944 Management of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Andreadis, Theodore Submitted As Final View
NE_TEMP1939 Improving the health span of aging adults through diet and physical activity. O'Hara, Sabine Submitted As Final View
NRSP_TEMP10 National Database Resources for Crop Genomics, Genetics and Breeding Research Smith, George Submitted As Final View
NRSP_temp3 The National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP) Buhler, Douglas Draft Project View
W_TEMP4170 Beneficial Reuse of Residuals and Reclaimed Water: Impact on Soil Ecosystem and Human Health (formerly W2170) Kelly, Eugene Under Review View
WERA_TEMP1012 Managing and Utilizing Precipitation Observations from Volunteer Networks (from WDC43) Harrington, H. Michael Draft Project View
S_tempSERA48 Turf Davis, John Draft Project View
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