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NCCC_temp9 MWPS: Research and Extension Educational Materials Lawrence, John Draft Project View
NCERA_temp217 Drainage design and management practices to improve water quality Kanwar, Rameshwar Submitted As Final View
NCERA_temp57 Swine Reproductive Physiology Hamernik, Deb Draft Project View
NCERA_temp137 Soybean Diseases Draper, Martin A Submitted As Final View
NCERA_temp215 Contribution of 4-H Participation to the Development of Social Capital Within Communities Lodl, Kathleen Draft Project View
NCCC_temp42 Committee on Swine Nutrition Beitz, Donald Submitted As Final View
NC_temp1177 Agricultural and Rural Finance Markets in Transition Featherstone, Allen Draft Project View
NC_temp1173 Sustainable Solutions to Problems Affecting Bee Health Barker, William Draft Project View
NC_temp1208 Biology, Etiology, and Management of Dollar Spot in Turfgrasses Hammerschmidt, Ray Submitted As Final View
NC_temp1179 Food, Feed, Fuel, and Fiber: Security Under a Changing Climate Cuomo, Greg Draft Project View
NC_temp1181 Optimizing land use for beef cattle production Hamernik, Deb Draft Project View
NC_temp229 Detection and Control of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus and Emerging Viral Diseases of Swine Benfield, David A. Draft Project View
NC_temp1182 Management and Environmental Factors Affecting Nitrogen Cycling and Use Efficiency in Forage-Based Livestock Production Systems Benfield, David A. Draft Project View
NCERA_temp216 Latinos and Immigrants in Midwestern Communities Santiago, Hector Draft Project View
18599 Plant Genetic Resources Conservation and Utilization , Draft View
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