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NC_temp1180 Control of Endemic, Emerging and Re-emerging Poultry Respiratory Diseases in the United States Velleman, Sandra G. Draft Project View
NCDC233 Sources and Fate of Ammonia Across the Landscape Donkin, Shawn S. Active View
18559 Irrigation Management to Increase Water Use Efficiency and Minimize Nitrogen Loss , Draft View
18560 Enhancing Microbial Food Safety by Risk Analysis , Draft View
18561 Enhancing Microbial Food Safety by Risk Analysis , Draft View
NE_TEMP1941 Environmental Impacts of Equine Operations Rieger, Mark Draft Project View
NCDC234 North American interdisciplinary chronic wasting disease consortium Barker, William Active View
18568 S1077 Enhancing Microbial Food Safety by Risk Analysis , Draft View
NCCC_temp210 Regulation of Adipose Tissue Accretion in Meat-Producing Animals Kinder, James E. Draft Project View
NE_TEMP1942 Enhancing Poultry Production Systems through Emerging Technologies and Husbandry Practices Venkitanarayanan, Kumar Draft Project View
NCERA_temp3 Soil and Landscape Assessment, Function and Interpretation Ransom, Michel D. Under Review View
NCCC_temp9 MWPS: Research and Extension Educational Materials Lawrence, John Draft Project View
NCERA_temp217 Drainage design and management practices to improve water quality Kanwar, Rameshwar Submitted As Final View
NCERA_temp57 Swine Reproductive Physiology Hamernik, Deb Draft Project View
NCERA_temp137 Soybean Diseases Draper, Martin A Submitted As Final View
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