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NC100 Regional Research Coordination, North Central Region Hamilton, Christina Active View
NC107 Evolving Pathogens, Targeted Sequences, and Strategies for Control of Bovine Respiratory Disease Asem, Eli Inactive/Terminating View
S1005 Sources, Dispersal and Management of Stable Flies on Grazing Beef and Dairy Cattle (S274) Roeder, Richard Inactive/Terminating View
NC125 Biological Control of Soil-and Residue-Borne Plant Pathogens Pueppke, Steven G. Inactive/Terminating View
NC129 Mycotoxins in Cereal Grains Durgan, Beverly Inactive/Terminating View
S1006 Insect and Manure Management in Poultry Systems: Elements Relative to Food Safety and Nuisance Issues (S274) Roeder, Richard Inactive/Terminating View
NC131 Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Skeletal Muscle Growth and Differentiation Grant, Alan Inactive/Terminating View
NC136 Improvement of Thermal and Alternative Processes for Foods Lund, Daryl Inactive/Terminating View
NEC1005 The Northeast Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (SARE) Vayda, Michael E. Inactive/Terminating View
NEC1004 The Northeastern Regional Aquaculture Center Goodwin, Steve Inactive/Terminating View
WERA_OLD203 Animal Utilization of Products from Processing Agricultural Commodities Fritzell, Erik Inactive/Terminating View
NC202 Characterizing Weed Population Variability for Improved Weed Management Decision Support Systems to Reduce Herbicide Use Buhler, Douglas Inactive/Terminating View
NC_OLD205 Ecology and Management of European Corn Borer and Other Stalk-Boring Lepidoptera Pueppke, Steven G. Inactive/Terminating View
NC215 Persistence of Heterodera glycines and Other Regionally Important Nematodes Pueppke, Steven G. Inactive/Terminating View
NC218 Assessing Nitrogen Mineralization And Other Diagnostic Criteria To Refine Nitrogen Rates For Crops And Minimize Losses Lemme, Gary Inactive/Terminating View
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