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2233 Test Pearce, Donna Inactive/Terminating View
S1077 Enhancing Microbial Food Safety by Risk Analysis Lommel, Steven Active View
18530 Improving Data Quality from Sample Surveys to foster Agricultural Community and Development in Rural America , Draft View
S009 Plant Genetic Resources Conservation and Utilization Stougaard, Bob Active View
S1079 Peanut Variety and Quality Evaluation for Development of Virginia-type Cultivars with High Oleic Trait, Flavor, and Rainfed Production Monks, David Active View
S1080 Improving Soybean Arthropod Pest Management in the U.S. Leonard, Rogers Active View
S1081 Nutritional Systems for Swine to Increase Reproductive Efficiency Godfrey, Robert Active View
18542 Nutritional systems for swine to increase reproductive efficiency , Draft View
18543 Interactions between roots, root exudates and soil microbes , Draft View
18544 W6 – Initiation of a GWAS Approach to Identify Sorghum Cultivars Having Combined Tolerance to Heat, Drought, and Saline Stresses , Draft View
W_TEMP4171 Germ Cell and Embryo Development and Manipulation for the Improvement of Livestock Shipka, Milan Draft View
S_tempSERA18 Rice Technical Working Group Young, Eric Draft Project View
S_tempSERA17 Organization to Minimize Nutrient Loss from the Landscape McKinney, Nathan Draft Project View
NC_temp1171 Interactions of individual, family, community, and policy contexts on the mental and physical health of diverse rural low-income families Hamilton, Christina Draft Project View
W_TEMP4168 Environmental and Genetic Determinants of Seed Quality and Performance Johnson, Paul G. Draft View
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