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WERA_TEMP1013 Intermountain Regional Evaluation and Introduction of Native Plants Hess, Bret W. Draft Project View
W_TEMP1188 Maintaining Resilient Sagebrush & Rural Communities Tanaka, John A. Draft Project View
WERA1010 Improving Data Quality from Sample Surveys to foster Agricultural and Community Development in Rural America Swanson, Lou Active View
WERA_TEMP1014 Intensive Management of Irrigated Forages for Sustainable Livestock Production in the Western U.S. Brummer, Joe Active View
WDC43 Managing and Utilizing Precipitation Observations from Volunteer Networks (from WERA_TEMP1012) Harrington, H. Michael Draft Project View
W18513 Hunger Project (TEMP TITLE) Kelly, Eugene Draft Project View
S1072 U.S. Agricultural Trade and Policy in a Dynamic Global Market Environment Young, Eric Active View
NE_TEMP1839 Development and Evaluation of Broccoli Adapted to the Eastern US Nyrop, Jan P. Draft Project View
18516 S1064 , Draft View
S1078 Cognitive Influence on Teaching, Learning, and Decision Making Around Critical Agricultural and Natural Resource Issues Larkin, Sherry L. Region Approved View
S_temp1074 Future Challenges in Animal Production Systems: Seeking Solutions through Focused Facilitation Lacewell, Ronald Draft Project View
S_tempSCC84 Selection and mating strategies to improve dairy cattle performance, efficiency, and longevity West, Joe W. Draft Project View
S_temp1075 The Science and Engineering for a Biobased Industry and Economy Rials, Timothy G. Draft Project View
S_temp1076 Fly Management in Animal Agriculture Systems and Impacts on Animal Health and Food Safety Roeder, Richard Draft Project View
W_TEMP4003 Parental practices supporting positive eating behaviors during independent eating occasions among early adolescent children Lupis, Sarah Draft Project View
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