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W1188 Maintaining Resilient Sagebrush & Rural Communities Talbott, John R Active View
WERA1010 Improving Data Quality from Sample Surveys to foster Agricultural and Community Development in Rural America Swanson, Lou Active View
WERA1014 Intensive Management of Irrigated Forages for Sustainable Livestock Production in the Western U.S. Hatfield, Patrick Active View
WDC43 Managing and Utilizing Precipitation Observations from Volunteer Networks (from WERA_TEMP1012) Harrington, H. Michael Active View
WDC45 Hunger Project (TEMP TITLE) Kelly, Eugene Draft Project View
S1072 U.S. Agricultural Trade and Policy in a Dynamic Global Market Environment Young, Eric Active View
NE1839 Development and Evaluation of Broccoli Adapted to the Eastern US Nyrop, Jan P. Active View
S18516 , Draft View
S1078 Cognitive Influence on Teaching, Learning, and Decision Making Around Critical Agricultural and Natural Resource Issues Larkin, Sherry L. Active View
S1074 Future Challenges in Animal Production Systems: Seeking Solutions through Focused Facilitation Lacewell, Ronald Active View
SCC84 Selection and mating strategies to improve dairy cattle performance, efficiency, and longevity West, Joe W. Active View
S1075 The Science and Engineering for a Biobased Industry and Economy Rials, Timothy G. Active View
S1076 Fly Management in Animal Agriculture Systems and Impacts on Animal Health and Food Safety White, David G. Active View
W_TEMP4003 Parental practices supporting positive eating behaviors during independent eating occasions among early adolescent children Wardlaw, Mary Kay Under Review View
2233 Test Pearce, Donna Inactive/Terminating View
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