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W186 Genetic Variability in the Cyst and Root-Knot Nematodes Cooksey, Donald Inactive/Terminating View
W187 Interactions Among Bark Beetles, Pathogens, and Conifers in North American Forests Thawley, David Inactive/Terminating View
W188 Characterization of Flow and Transport Processes in Soils at Different Scales Mitchell, G. Allen Inactive/Terminating View
W189 Biorational Methods for Insect Pest Management (IPM): Bioorganic and Molecular Approaches Pardini, Ronald S. Inactive/Terminating View
W190 Water Conservation, Competition and Quality in Western Irrigated Agriculture Daugherty, LeRoy Inactive/Terminating View
W192 Rural Communities and Public Lands in the West: Impacts and Alternatives Snyder, Donald L. Inactive/Terminating View
W194 Community Economic Development by Merchandising, Producing, and Distributing Textiles and Sewn Products Harrington, H. Michael Inactive/Terminating View
W195 Water Quality Issues in Poultry Production and Processing Thawley, David Inactive/Terminating View
WERA_OLD40 Rangeland Ecological Research and Assessment Boyer, Charles C. Inactive/Terminating View
WERA55 Rangeland Resource Economics and Policy Snyder, Donald L. Inactive/Terminating View
WCC58 Production, Transition Handling, and Reestablishment of Perennial Nursery Stock Boyer, Charles C. Inactive/Terminating View
WERA_OLD66 Integrated Management of Russian Wheat Aphid and Other Cereal Aphids Sommers, Lee E. Inactive/Terminating View
S1004 Development and Evaluation of TMDL Planning and Assessment Tools and Processes (S273) Mote, C. Roland Inactive/Terminating View
WERA_OLD67 Western Coordinating Committee for Sustainable Agriculture Jacobs, James J. Inactive/Terminating View
WERA_OLD69 Coordination of Integrated Pest Management Research & Extension/Educational Programs for the Western United States & Pacific Sommers, Lee E. Inactive/Terminating View
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