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WERA_OLD20 Virus and virus like diseases of fruit trees, small fruits and grapevines Cavalieri, Ralph Inactive/Terminating View
WCC21 Revegetation and Stabilization of Deteriorated and Altered Lands Jacobs, James J. Inactive/Terminating View
WERA_OLD27 Potato Variety Development Rasmussen, H. Paul Inactive/Terminating View
WCC23 Textile and Apparel Research Coordination Ristow, Sandra Inactive/Terminating View
WCC37 Maximizing the Effectiveness of Bees as Pollinators of Agricultural Crops DeGrandi-Hoffman, Gloria Inactive/Terminating View
WERA_OLD39 Coordination of Sheep and Goat Research and Education Programs for the Western States Battaglia, Richard A. Inactive/Terminating View
W128 Micro-Irrigation: Management Practices to Sustain Water Quality and Agricultural Productivity Daugherty, LeRoy Inactive/Terminating View
W147 Managing Plant Microbe Interactions in Soil to Promote Sustainable Agriculture Cooksey, Donald Inactive/Terminating View
W150 Genetic Improvement of Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) for Yield, Disease Resistance, and Food Value Rasmussen, H. Paul Inactive/Terminating View
W167 Family and Work Identities During Times of Transition Fox, Linda Kirk Inactive/Terminating View
W168 Seed Biology, Technology, and Ecology Heimsch, Richard Inactive/Terminating View
W170 Chemistry and Bioavailability of Waste Constituents in Soils Sommers, Lee E. Inactive/Terminating View
W171 Germ Cell and Embryo Development and Manipulation for the Improvement of Livestock Hu, Ching Yuan Inactive/Terminating View
W173 Stress Factors of Farm Animals and Their Effects on Performance Kaltenbach, C. Colin Inactive/Terminating View
W181 Modifying Milk Fat Composition for Improved Manufacturing Qualities and Consumer Acceptability Pardini, Ronald S. Inactive/Terminating View
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