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NE165 Private Strategies, Public Policies, and Food System Performance Rossi, Daniel Inactive/Terminating View
NE167 Family Business Viability in Economically Vulnerable Communities Obendorf, S. Kay Inactive/Terminating View
NE171 Biologically Based IPM Systems for Management of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes Magnarelli, Louis A. Inactive/Terminating View
NE172 Nutritional Risk and Antioxidant Status in the Elderly Wyche-Moore, Gloria S. Inactive/Terminating View
NE176 Characterization and Mechanisms of Plant Responses to Ozone in the Northeastern U.S. Seem, Robert Inactive/Terminating View
NE177 Impacts of Structural Changes in the Dairy Industry Willis, Cleve Inactive/Terminating View
NE179 Technology and Principles for Assessing and Retaining Postharvest Quality of Fruits and Vegetables Goodwin, Steve Inactive/Terminating View
NE183 Multi-disciplinary Evaluation of New Apple Cultivars Goodwin, Steve Inactive/Terminating View
NE184 Development of New Potato Clones for Environmental and Economical Sustainability in the Northeast MacKenzie, David Inactive/Terminating View
NE185 Commodities, Consumers, and Communities: Local Food Systems in a Globalizing Environment Coffman, W. Ronnie Inactive/Terminating View
NE186 Genetic Maps of Aquaculture Species Trumble, William R. Inactive/Terminating View
NE187 Best Management Practices for Turf Systems in the East Rhodes III, Richard C. Inactive/Terminating View
NE214 This is a Testing Project for NIMSS Debug, Please Disregard Sun, Judy Inactive/Terminating View
NE1000 Improved Weed Control Through Residue Management and Crop Rotation Vinson, William E. Inactive/Terminating View
NE1001 Application of Sewage Biosolids to Agricultural Soils in the Northeast: Long-term Impacts and Benefit Uses Cooper, Keith Inactive/Terminating View
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