NC1195: Enhancing nitrogen utilization in corn based cropping systems to increase yield, improve profitability and minimize environmental impacts

(Multistate Research Project)

Status: Active

SAES-422 Reports



Published Written Works. 

  Note: Authors in bold texts indicate the NC1195 committee members

  • Poffenbarger, H., Castellano, D. Egli, A. Jaconi, and V. Moore. 2023. Contributions of Plant Breeding to Soil Carbon Storage: Retrospect and Prospects. Crop Science, in press.
  • Quinn, D., Poffenbarger, F. Miguez, and C. Lee. 2023. Corn Optimum Nitrogen Fertilizer Rate and Application Timing when Following a Rye Cover Crop. Field Crops Research 291: 108794.
  • Rieke, E.L. et al., including D. McDaniel, and H. Poffenbarger. 2022. Evaluation of Aggregate Stability Methods for Soil Health. Geoderma 428: 116156.
  • Maas, E., S. Archontoulis, M. Helmers, J. Iqbal, C.H. Pederson, Poffenbarger, K.J. Tebockhorst, and M. Castellano. 2022. Subsurface Drainage Reduces the Amount and Interannual Variability of Optimum Nitrogen Fertilizer Input to Maize Cropping Systems in Southeast Iowa, USA. Field Crops Research 288: 108663.
  • Quinn, D., Poffenbarger, and C. Lee. 2022. Rye Cover Crop and In-Furrow Fertilizer and Fungicide Impacts on Corn Optimum Seeding Rate and Grain Yield. European Journal of Agronomy 139: 126529.
  • Liptzin, De, et al., including D. McDaniel, and H. Poffenbarger. 2022. An Evaluation of Carbon Indicators on Soil Health in Long-Term Agricultural Experiments. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 172: 108708.
  • Rieke, E.L., et al., including D. McDaniel and H. Poffenbarger. 2022. Linking Soil Microbial Community Structure to Potential Carbon Mineralization: A Continental Scale Assessment of Reduced Tillage. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 168: 108618.
  • Bagnall, D.K et al., including D. McDaniel, and H. Poffenbarger. 2022 Carbon-Sensitive Pedotransfer Functions for Plant-Available Water. Soil Science Society of America Journal 86: 612-629.
  • Bagnall, D.K et al., including D. McDaniel and H. Poffenbarger. 2022 Selecting Soil Hydraulic Properties as Indicators of Soil Health: Measurement Response to Management and Site Characteristics. Soil Science Society of America Journal 86: 1206-1226.
  • Spargo, J. T., et al., including Arnall and F.G. Fernández. 2022. A survey to evaluate the current status of land grant university and state department of agriculture soil fertility recommendations and analytical methods. Ag. Data Commons.

Scientific and Outreach Oral Presentations.

  • Canisares, L.P et al., including J Tomlinson, M. D Ruark, and H. Poffenbarger. 2022. Legume cover crops can reduce the corn reliance on nitrogen fertilizer when compared to cereal rye across multi-state field experiments. ASA-CSSA-SSSA meeting, Baltimore, MD.
  • Antonio-Ordoņez, R., et al., including D Ruark, M.J. Castellano, H. Poffenbarger. 2022 Yield gap as a key metric to determining N fertilizer rates in maize crop. ASA-CSSA-SSSA meeting, Baltimore, MD.

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