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SAES-422 Reports


Refereed Publications

Pornaro, C., S. Macolino, and M.D. Richardson, M. D. 2018. Measuring stolons and rhizomes of turfgrasses using a digital image analysis system. Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE), e58042 (


Rossini, F., R. Ruggeri, T. Celli, F.M. Rogai, L. Kuzmanović, and M.D. Richardson. 2019. Cool-season grasses for overseeding sport turfs: germination and performance under limiting environmental conditions. HortScience (in press)


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Extension articles

English, L., J. Popp, M. Richardson, J. Robbins, W.P. Miller, and R. Rainey. 2018. Arkansas Specialty Crop Profile: Turfgrass Industry. UAEX FSA50


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Trade articles

Bertucci MB. 2018. Winning the war, preventative weed management for healthy turf. Parks & Rec Business.


Bertucci MB. 2019. Cleaning up emerged crabgrass: postemergent control options. Arkansas Turfgrass: the Arkansas Turfgrass Association Magazine. Summer issue p. 9


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Wisdom, M., and M. Richardson. 2018. Spring bulbs add color to dormant warm-season turf. Golfdom. 74(3):p. 35.
Include full citation for all publications.  For annual reports, list publications for current year only; for termination reports, list publications for entire span of project.



The Effects of Long-term Sand Topdressing on Earthworm Casting Activity. 2018.


Determining the Minimum Daily Light Integral Requirement of a Creeping Bentgrass Putting Green. 2018.


How Much Light Do Creeping Bentgrass Putting Greens Need? (Shorter Summary). 2018.


Attracting and feeding pollinators in warm-season lawns. 2018.


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Peer-Reviewed Publications


  1. Schwartz, B., W. Hanna, L. Baxter, P. Raymer, C. Waltz, A. Kowalewski, A. Chandra, A. D. Genovesi, B. Wherley, G. Miller, S. Milla-Lewis, W. Reynolds, Y. Wu, D. Martin, J. Moss, M. P. Kenna, B. Unruh, K. Kenworthy, J. Zhang, and P. Munoz. 2018. 'DT-1', a Drought-Tolerant Triploid Turf Bermudagrass. HortScience. 53(11):1711-1714. doi: 10.21273/HORTSCI13083-18.
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 Trade Publications

  1. Reynolds and B. Wherley. 2018. How much light is enough?  Importance of meeting the DLI requirement in shade.  Texas Turfgrass Association Magazine.  Winter 2018.
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Peer-Reviewed Extension Publications


  1. Grubbs. 2019. Water-Wise Checklist for Texas Home Lawns. SCS-2019-15
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Scientific Abstracts


  1. Stier, J.C., J. H. Baird, A. Chandra, M. T. Elmore, J. Henderson, D. E. Karcher, K. L. Kopp, M. Schiavon, and E. Watkins. 2018. Documenting Water Use for Turfgrasses in the United States. International ASA-CSSA-SSSA Conference, Baltimore, MD. Poster presentation 1270.
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