NCERA215: Contribution of 4-H Participation to the Development of Social Capital Within Communities

(Multistate Research Coordinating Committee and Information Exchange Group)

Status: Active

SAES-422 Reports


Journal Articles

  • Haskell, J. E., Baker, B. A., Olfert, M. D., Colby, S. E., Franzen-Castle, L. D., Kattlemann, K. K., & White, A. A. (2019). Using ripple effects maps to identify story threads: A framework to link private to public value. Journal of Human Sciences and Extension, 7(3), 1-23.  LINK HERE


  • Anderson, C., Baker, B., Brown, M., Calvert, M., Fields, N., Henness, S., et. al. (2019). Contribution of 4-H Participation to the Development of Social Capital within Communities: Toolkit. Chevy Chase, MD: National 4-H Curriculum

Curricula in Progress

  • Henness, S., Anderson, C., Nathaniel, K., Kantor, D., Baker, B., Toolkit 2.0

Book in Progress

  • Fields, N., Chan, A., Gonzalez, M., Green, E., Massey, K., Moncloa, F. & Nathaniel, K. (in development). True Leaders: Culture, power and justice. A youth development approach to social justice. 


  • Klemme, N., (2019). Do you Know Why Your Community is Awesome. Wisconsin 4-H Fall Forum, Green Lake, WI. 
  • Klemme, N., (2019). Placemaking and Community Capitals. NICER, Northern Iron County Engaged Residents Workshop Meeting. Hurley, WI.
  • Klemme, N., (2020). Social Capital and Positive Youth Development. Statewide Positive Youth Development Monthly Meeting. 
  • Nathaniel, K. (2019). Using Social Capital For Your Academic Success:  The DNA of Social Capital. Southwest Community College, Los Angeles, CA.

Invited presentations

  • Fields, N. (2020). Our role and responsibility for thriving & equity. New York State 4-H In-service Keynote. (Invited by the New York 4-H Program Leader). 
  • Fields, N. (2020). Nurturing the spark: Thriving youth and thriving communities. New York State 4-H In-Service Workshop. (Invited by the New York 4-H Program Leader).
  • Fields, N. & Calvert, M. (2020). Social Capital Team Updates and Future Plans. National 4-H Program Leaders Meeting. St. Petersburg, FL. (Invited by the 4-H PLWG)
  • Henness, S. & Gulick, S. (2019). Community capitals: assets and opportunities. Warsaw, MO. Carrollton, MO. Cape Girardeau, MO. (Invited by Missouri Training Institute)
  • Henness, S. (2020). Youth engagement in your community: we’re better together!  Columbia (MO) Neighborhood Leadership Academy (Invited by the Academy program coordinator)

Upcoming presentations 

  • NAE4HA 2020 - Steve, Chris, Keith, Debra
  • Cancelled due to COVID19 - N4HC fall 2020 - Neil, Steve, Chris, Jacquie

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