NC1197: Practical Management of Nematodes on Corn, Soybeans and Other Crops of Regional Importance

(Multistate Research Project)

Status: Active

Participant List

Participant Name Is Head Contact Info
MacGuidwin, Ann
Yes Wisconsin - University of Wisconsin
Plant Pathology
Melakeberhan, Haddish
Yes Michigan - Michigan State University
Todd, Tim
Yes Kansas - Kansas State University
Plant Pathology
Chen, Senyu
Yes Minnesota - University of Minnesota
Southern Research and Outreach Center
Bent, Andrew
Wisconsin - University of Wisconsin

Yan, Guiping
Yes North Dakota - North Dakota State University

Zhang, Lei
Yes Indiana - Purdue University

Siddique, Shahid
California -Davis : University of California, Davis

Taylor, Christopher G
Yes Ohio - Ohio State University

Schroeder, Nate
Yes Illinois - University of Illinois

Jackson, Tamra A
Yes Nebraska - University of Nebraska

Powers, Thomas O.
Nebraska - University of Nebraska
Plant Pathology
Lopez-Nicora, Horacio
Yes Ohio - Ohio State University

Wise, Kiersten A
Yes Kentucky - University of Kentucky

Borba Onofre, Rodrigo
Kansas - Kansas State University

Bradley, Carl
Kentucky - University of Kentucky
Plant Pathology
Shires, Madalyn
South Dakota - South Dakota State University

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