NE1834: Genetic Bases for Resistance and Immunity to Avian Diseases

(Multistate Research Project)

Status: Active

Participant List

Participant Name Is Head Contact Info
Selvaraj, Ramesh K.
Yes Georgia - University of Georgia

Gallardo, Rodrigo A
Yes California -Administration : University of California Statewide Administration

Miller, Marcia
City of Hope Beckman Research Institute
Division of Molecular Biology
Erf, Gisela F.
Yes Arkansas - University of Arkansas
Poultry Sciences
Zhou, Huaijun
California -Davis : University of California, Davis
Animal Science
Koci, Matthew D
Yes North Carolina - North Carolina State University

Taylor, Robert
Yes West Virginia - West Virginia University
Division of Animal and Nutritional Sciences
Ashwell, Christopher
North Carolina - North Carolina State University
Poultry Science
Lamont, Susan J.
Yes Iowa - Iowa State University
Animal Science
Drechsler, Yvonne
Western University of Health Sciences

Bielke, lisa
Yes Ohio - Ohio State University

Parcells, Mark S
Yes Delaware - University of Delaware

Jarosinski, Keith
Yes Illinois - University of Illinois

Beckstead, Robert B
North Carolina - North Carolina State University

Klasing, Kirk C
California -Davis : University of California, Davis

Keeler, Calvin L
Delaware - University of Delaware

Arsenault, Ryan
Delaware - University of Delaware

Weimer, Shawna
Maryland Cooperative Extension

Dalloul, Rami A.
Georgia - University of Georgia

Broadbent, Andrew
Maryland - University of Maryland

Hauck, Ruediger
Alabama - Auburn University

Song, Jiuzhou
Yes Maryland - University of Maryland

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