SCC81: Sustainable Small Ruminant Production in the Southeastern U.S.

(Multistate Research Coordinating Committee and Information Exchange Group)

Status: Active

Participant List

Participant Name Is Head Contact Info
Bowdridge, Scott A
Yes West Virginia - West Virginia University
Animal and Nutritional Sciences
Godfrey, Robert
Yes Virgin Islands - University of the Virgin Islands
Agricultural Experiment Station
Burke, Joan
Dale Bumpers Small Farms Research Center
Matthews, Kwame
Delaware State University

Callaway, Todd
Georgia - University of Georgia

Mateescu, Raluca
Florida - University of Florida
Animal Sciences
Miller, James E.
Yes Louisiana - Louisiana State University
Dept. of Veterinary Science & Dept. of Pathobiological Sci.
Worku, Mulumebet
North Carolina A&T State University
Animal Sciences
Whitley, Niki
Fort Valley State University

Wildeus, Stephan
Virginia State University
Small Ruminants
Gebrelul, Sebhatu
Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center

O'Brien, Dahlia
Virginia State University

Schoenian, Susan
Yes Maryland - University of Maryland

Goetsch, Arthur
Langston University

Merkel, Roger
Langston University

Gipson, Terry
Langston University

Newton, Gary R
Prairie View A&M University
Cooperative Agricultural Research Center
Foxworth, Bill
Prairie View A&M University

Karki, Uma
Tuskegee University

Temu, Vitalis
Virginia State University

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