NC170: Personal Protective Technologies for Current and Emerging Occupational and Environmental Hazards

(Multistate Research Project)

Status: Active

Participant List

Participant Name Is Head Contact Info
Griffin, Linsey
Yes Minnesota - University of Minnesota

Sokolowski, Susan
University of Oregon

Liu, Hang
Washington - Washington State University

Boorady, Lynn M.
Yes Buffalo State College

Shaw, Anugrah
University of Maryland-Eastern Shore
Human Ecology
Lin, Shu Hwa
Hawaii - University of Hawaii
Family & Consumer Sciences
Park, Huiju
New York -Ithaca : Cornell University

Xiang, Chunhui
Iowa - Iowa State University
Apparel, Events & Hospitality Mgmt
Sun, Gang
California -Davis : University of California, Davis
Division of Textiles and Clothing
Sanders, Eulanda A.
Iowa - Iowa State University
Apparel, Events, and Hospitality Management
Pan, Ning
California -Davis : University of California, Davis
Division of Textiles and Clothing
Baytar, Fatma
New York -Ithaca : Cornell University

McQuerry, Meredith
Yes Florida State University

Wu, Yingying
Yes Kansas - Kansas State University

Carufel, Robin
Yes Brenau University

Freeman, Charles E
Mississippi - Mississippi State University

Goncu Berk, Gozde
University of California, Davis

Morris, Kristen
Yes Colorado - Colorado State University

Ruppert-Stroescu, Mary
Yes Washington University in St. Louis

Michaelson, Dawn
Yes Baylor College

Mandal, Sumit
Yes Oklahoma - Oklahoma State University

Chander, Harish
Yes Missouri State University

Burch, Reuben
Yes Mississippi State University

Song, Guowen
Iowa - Iowa State University

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