NE1601: Eastern White Pine Health and Responses to Environmental Changes

(Multistate Research Project)

Status: Active

Participant List

Participant Name Is Head Contact Info
Livingston, William H
Yes Maine - University of Maine
Forest Resources
Crandall, Mindy S
Maine - University of Maine

Fraver, Shawn
Maine - University of Maine

D'Amato, Anthony
Vermont - University of Vermont

Haugen, Linda
Yes USDA Forest Service - Minnesota

Mansius, Donald
Forest Service
Maine Forest Service
Arango, Adriana
Connecticut -New Haven

Brazee, Nicholas
Yes Massachusetts - University of Massachusetts

Whitney, Thomas
Georgia - University of Georgia

Weimer, Jennifer
Forest Service

Asbjornsen, Heidi
New Hampshire - University of New Hampshire

Sakalidis, Monique
Yes Michigan - Michigan State University

McCullough, Deborah
Michigan - Michigan State University

Jacobs, James J.
Yes USDA Forest Service - Minnesota
Forest Health Protection
Gandhi, Kamal
Georgia - University of Georgia

Stanosz, Glen R
Wisconsin - University of Wisconsin

Bisbing, Sarah
Yes Nevada - University of Nevada

Munck, Isabel
USDA Forest Service

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