NC1029: Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare

(Multistate Research Project)

Status: Active

Participant List

Participant Name Is Head Contact Info
Tucker, Cassandra
Yes California -Davis : University of California, Davis

Endres, Marcia
Yes Minnesota - University of Minnesota
Dairy Science
Siegford, Janice M
Michigan - Michigan State University
Animal Science
Green-Miller, Angela R
Yes Illinois - University of Illinois

Adams-Progar, Amber
Yes Washington - Washington State University
Animal Sciences Dept
Archer, Gregory S.
Yes Texas AgriLife Research

Johnson, Anna K
Yes Iowa - Iowa State University
Animal Science
515 294-2098
Wickens, Carissa L
Florida - University of Florida
Animal Sciences
Proudfoot, Katy
Yes Ohio State University

Miller-Cushon, Emily K
Yes Florida - University of Florida

Dennis, Rachel L
Maryland - University of Maryland

Stricklin, Ray
Yes Maryland - University of Maryland
Animal and Avian Science
Hulbert, Lindsey
Yes Kansas - Kansas State University

Erasmus, Marisa A
Indiana - Purdue University

Krawczel, Peter D
Yes Tennessee - University of Tennessee

Gaskill, Brianna
Yes Indiana - Purdue University

Blatchford, Richard A
Yes California -Davis : University of California, Davis

Cibils, Andres
Yes New Mexico - New Mexico State University

Silva del Rio, Noelia
Yes California -Administration : University of California Statewide Administration

Katz, Larry
New Jersey - Rutgers University
Animal Sciences
Makagon, Maja M
California -Davis : University of California, Davis

Daigle, Courtney
Yes Texas AgriLife Research

Horback, Kristina
California -Davis : University of California, Davis

Udell, Monique
Yes Oregon - Oregon State University

Croney, Candace
Indiana - Purdue University
Animal Science
de la Varga Alonso, Marta
Yes Spain

Manjarin, Rodrigo
Yes California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Jones, Barbara
Yes Tarleton State University

Swanson, Janice
Yes Michigan - Michigan State University
Animal Science
Stone, Amanda
Mississippi Cooperative Extension

Black, Randi
Yes California Cooperative Extension

Costa, Joao HC
Yes Kentucky - University of Kentucky

Bourassa, Dianna
Yes Alabama - Auburn University

Van Os, Jennifer
Wisconsin - University of Wisconsin

Jaberi-Douraki, Majid
Kansas - Kansas State University

Brito, Luiz
Indiana - Purdue University

Weimer, Shawna
Maryland Cooperative Extension

Cramer, Gerard
Minnesota - University of Minnesota

Knauer, Whitney
Minnesota - University of Minnesota

Ali, Ahmed
Yes South Carolina - Clemson University

Leatherwood, Jessica
Texas AgriLife Research

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