NC_old1171: Interactions of individual, family, community, and policy contexts on the mental and physical health of diverse rural low-income families

(Multistate Research Project)

Status: Inactive/Terminating

Participant List

Participant Name Is Head Contact Info
Mammen, Sheila
Yes Massachusetts - University of Massachusetts
Resource Economics
Bird, Carolyn L
Yes North Carolina - North Carolina State University
Department of 4-H Youth Development & Family & Consumer Scie
Greder, Kim
Yes Iowa - Iowa State University
Human Development and Family Studies
Yancura, Loriena
Yes Hawaii - University of Hawaii

Sano, Yoshie
Yes Washington - Washington State University
Human Development - WSU Vancouver
Smith, Suzanne
Washington - Washington State University
Human Development - WSU Vancouver
Ontai, Lenna
Yes California -Davis : University of California, Davis
Human and Community Developmente
Berry, Ann A
Yes Tennessee Cooperative Extension

Seguin, Rebecca A
Yes New York -Ithaca : Cornell University

Barnett, Melissa
Yes Arizona - University of Arizona
School of Family & Consumer Sciences
Oswald, Ramona F
Yes Illinois - University of Illinois

Devall, Esther L
New Mexico - New Mexico State University
Family and Consumer Sciences
Dyk, Patricia
Yes Kentucky - University of Kentucky
Community and Leadership Development
Wilmoth, Joe D
Mississippi - Mississippi State University
School of Human Sciences
Radunovich, Heidi L
Yes Florida - University of Florida
Family, Youth and Community Sciences
McGuire, Jenifer
Yes Minnesota - University of Minnesota

Wiles, Bradford
Yes Kansas - Kansas State University

Tyler-Mackey, Crystal M
Yes Virginia Cooperative Extension

Oliver, Brittney D
Mississippi - Mississippi State University

Curran, Melissa
Arizona - University of Arizona
School of Family & Consumer Sciences
Kiss, Elizabeth
Kansas - Kansas State University
Family Studies
Chandler, Kelly
Yes Oregon - Oregon State University

Peek, Gina
Oklahoma - Oklahoma State University

Kropczynski, Jess
Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania State

Gardner, Antonio
Mississippi - Mississippi State University

Contreras, Dawn
Yes Michigan - Michigan State University

Zeiders, Katharine
Arizona - University of Arizona

O'Neal, LaToya
Florida - University of Florida

Routh, Brianna
Montana - Montana State University

Harris, Rosalind
Kentucky - University of Kentucky

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