NC2172: Behavioral economics and financial decision-making and information management across the lifespan

(Multistate Research Project)

Status: Active

Participant List

Participant Name Is Head Contact Info
DeVaney, Sharon A.
Yes Emeritus Collaborator
Professor Emeritus, Purdue University
Kim, Jinhee
Yes Maryland Cooperative Extension
Family and Consumer Sciences
Linville, Ina
Yes Missouri Cooperative Extension
4-H Center for Youth Development
Xu, Yilan
Yes Illinois - University of Illinois
Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Krishnan, Palaniappa
Yes Delaware - University of Delaware

Gutter, Michael
Yes Florida - University of Florida
Consumer Science
Bowen, Cathy F.
Yes Pennsylvania Cooperative Extension
Agricultural Economics, Sociology, & Educa
Kiss, Elizabeth
Yes Kansas - Kansas State University
Family Studies
Lown, Jean M
Yes Utah - Utah State University
Family, Consumer, & Human Development
Gutter, Michael
Yes Florida - University of Florida
Consumer Science
Worthy, Sheri L.
Yes Georgia - University of Georgia
Family and Consumer Sciences
O'Neill, Barbara
Yes New Jersey - Rutgers University

Griesdorn, Tim
Yes University of the Incarnate Word

Bartholomae, Suzanne
Yes Iowa - Iowa State University
Human Development and Family Studies
Welsh, Melissa L
Yes Maryland Cooperative Extension

Porto, Nilton
Yes Rhode Island - University of Rhode Island

Mountain, Travis P
Yes Virginia - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VA Tech)

Guillemette, Michael
Yes Missouri - University of Missouri

Delgadillo, Lucy
Utah - Utah State University

Wheeler, Brandan
Mississippi - Mississippi State University

Saboe-Wounded Head, Lorna M
Yes South Dakota - South Dakota State University

Evans, David A
Yes Indiana - Purdue University

Lyons, Angela
Illinois - University of Illinois

Johnson, Carrie L
North Dakota State University

Cho, Soo Hyun
Yes California State University
Consumer Sciences
Lawrence, Frances
Missouri - University of Missouri

Fontes, Angela

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