Appendix G: Peer Review (Submitted)

Status: Complete

Development and Evaluation of Broccoli Adapted to the Eastern US

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The proposed activities are built upon previously supported SCRI project. The proposal can be enhanced by providing in-depth information on achievements that have been made and challenges that the team was facing in the past years in order to better justify the importance of continuity of the work.

The proposal identifies warm nights as the major limitation for growing broccoli in the eastern state, and target improving heat tolerance as the major breeding goal. However, considering the wide geographic area covered in the project, other biotic and abiotic stresses should be considered in the breeding program.

The proposal plans to conduct a large number of yield and quality trials across the different states, but how to organize the data and make meaningful conclusions from these trials are not clear in the proposal.

The major output of the project is the number of entries that are ultimately commercialized. The single output would limit the impact of the project. The proposal may benefit from expanding outputs, such as including extension and peer-reviewed publications. In addition, milestones are missing in the proposal.
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